Saturday, July 3, 2010

Project Block - Please Send Me Money

I feel like I have "Project Block." It's like writer's block, but instead of not being able to "write," I'm unable to jump start my projects.

So far we have these on the list of projects to finish up:

Pop Girl
Truly Gwen
Georgie Panda Comes Out

Unlike writer's block, it's not about lack of inspiration. It's about lack of time. I've really hit it hard financially and I've really had to scrape to survive. I'm looking into finding new work. If you all have any ideas on how I could use my theater degree to get a job, I'm all ears.

On the good news, I did get a regular gig dancing with an awesome group of people called The Pixie Stixx. Very modern, funky and retro. And I get paid :-)

Hoping to post some clips up soon.

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