Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Return of the Princess of Oz... and Justin Bieber?

From left to right, Shirin, Dominique and Tracey
in a scene as Dorothy, Tip and Jinjur
I recently did a part in my friend's short video. I played Justin Bieber. I haven't really filmed with live actors and a director in awhile now. Lately it's just been me on my own in a small set with props. Both Pop Girl and George Panda require no live actors in order to finish. Being on set with my friends reminded me of the chaos and love that went behind my first film production, The Princess of Oz. A production that has yet remained unfinished.

While at Disneyland yesterday, an Epiphany came to me. Walt Disney would tell these grand stories through his Silly Symphonies. Why couldn't I do the same? Silly Symphonies were epic, and couldn't have been longer than 5 or so minutes.

First I decided to condense Pop Girl. It's an epic story, but I just don't have the budget to really tell it how I wanna tell it... yet. I just need to get a finished version out there.

But my real excitement came when I thought about doing the same for Princess of Oz. What was holding me back when it came to Princess of Oz is the fact that a lot of scenes were not filmed, but I kept forgetting the many other scenes that were filmed. A lot of scenes were filmed, and they're good.

Dorothy is lonely in Kansas and yearns
to return to her friends in Oz
My fellow actor friend Ashley Jo, who also played Scraps, is getting on the ball with me on this project, with Joyce, who played Ally in Pop Girl. Ashley and I are going to write a song that will help encompass all the main themes in Princess of Oz and Joyce is going to sing it with her awesome voice.

Still very much in the planning stages, and I need to review a lot of film and put a lot of backgrounds to our green screen footage.

"I'm a pumpkin!"

In the meantime, my current cast of Truly Gwen really want to get started on that, so I need to meet with them to find wigs and things.

Here's the video my friends wrote and directed. Again... I play Justin Bieber.

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