Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Georgie Panda Comes Out" Rolling Along

I've been putting this off for much too long. I have got to finish this short film. I owe it to my actors and to my future projects. I really need to finish this movie before I start a new one. I got so much I wanna do, if I can just finish this one, things should fall into place. I need discipline... and breakfast at the moment.

Projects to do after Georgie Panda is complete:

1) Princess Time - A sitcom style princess pilot. I'm hoping I can get Traci Hines to sing a song or two for me. How about it Miss Traci :-)

2) Untitled Vinylmation Webseries - A series of shorts I wanna do with my boyfriend Mark that will feature Disney's Vinylmation figures in a series of fun Robot Chicken-Like adventures. Hopefully my Cutesters Like You collection will take center stage... holla!

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