Friday, April 26, 2013

Liddel and Gale: Shojo - Welcome to Dreams

Come back to
childhood days
Busy worlds
Dreams and Fantasy

Return to all the ways
That you've come
To stay eternally

Just like a little child
Just how it all connects

It all seems hyper fast
Can it last
This discovering

Welcome to dream

I have been
in many places
In my life before

But I keep
returning to
this certain place
more and more

I have friends
everyone I know

and everything I need's
In front of me
Go one with the show

and take my hand
we'll go
Fly away
into childhood dreams

Lets follow
There'll you'll see
What it all could mean

So take that
mantle up
Feel my heart
As it beats so fast

As we are
running towards
How long can it last?

Welcome to Dreams

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