Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Pop Girl" Song Demo

I will not be singing this in the final version ;-) FYI


We've been friends
And I guess that's a good place to start

Where we'll go
No one knows
But you'll always be in my heart

Can't spend your days
Right by your side
But I'll keep you
In my heart inside

Cause I want to be there
When you need a friend
When you can't pretend
That you're happy

I want to be there
Right by your side
Though not in your life
I'll be
I'll be on stand by

Verse 2
You're telling me
You can't chill
Guess you're too busy to see me

Can't understand
What's keeping you
What's keeping you from me

But all I can do
Is spend my days
With hope and faith
That my dreams, be reality


I can't think
I can't sleep
Baby this feeling in me's driving me crazy
But I don't
Give in
To the loneliness I get
When you're not next to me

Chorus 2x

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