Sunday, September 1, 2013

31 Plays in 31 Days - Reflections

Wow I feel hella accomplished. One thing is for sure. I'm a writer. I love singing, I love acting, I love dancing, but this month, I was writer.

I'll tell you what, it feels great to have my life back. I can get back to writing for this:

As a writer, I learned that I love writing for women, little girls, children and gay teens.

I also found that I can't escape the sitcom format.

For the whole month of August, I was writing for the writing challenge 31 Plays in 31 Days. In this challenge, writers would write one play for each day in the month of August. I didn't look too much into the rules pretty much because the idea was intriguing on it's own. I wanted to do the challenge whether or not it was for a contest, or fame, or whatever. I wanted to write and this was a perfect opportunity to challenge myself.

Coming up with ideas for these plays came easy, it was figuring out how to produce them in such a short amount of time that was a challenge. I really had to force myself to create a healthy writer's environment. That environment included the crazy support of my graphic designer sister and reruns of Daria, Glee, Friends, Creature Comforts and Dr. Katz.

I also found that hitting up the gym when I have writer's blocked really unblocked it. Check this out:

Writer's Block Beware!!!!

The writing challenge was more fun than a challenge and I'm not sure what that says about my writing methods, but I feel a little more ready to create in anything.

It's been a very tough August, and I'm exhausted, but I feel more ready as a writer. Please check out my past blog posts for my play entries. The good, the bad and the really really pink.

And please check out my channel ;-) Here's the link again:

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