Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cast Meeting for Aliceland and Gwen and the Telegrams

I met with Brianne Bridge, a dancer I've worked with several times. She's never acted but I sat her down to read a few lines and she's a natural. Some people just have it. She's going to play Gwen/Erica Bennet in Gwen and the Telegrams and The White Queen in Aliceland. She's also doing voice for work for me as She-Ra in another project I have going on.

I also met with Joyce who I've known since 9th grade. She did some stand-in work for Princess of Oz and is in a musical with me currently. She's going to play Strawberry Cupcake in Gwen and the Telegrams and The Red Queen in Aliceland.

Still need to meet more cast members, but it's hard to coordinate schedules especially since I got that new job at my friend's flower shop. I hope it brings in more money. I want the costumes in these pieces to be POP.

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